August 27, 2010

Agent Needed !~

I need more and more agents.
To those who interested please email me directly =)
What you need to do to become an agent :

1) register by sending your personal details which include name, add, hp num to me.

That's simple. Once registered, you can start using the agent price to start selling in your website =) !

1 Register fee = rm10 [ prevent cheating ]
2 Arrange all the order email me and bank in to me before 11pm everyday
3 Check the stock list ownself, if listed mean no stock, no need to ask me 
4 If wanna check customer tracking number, please give me FULL lens order including lens, name, address

I will help you guys to post out.
So you just need to give me your customer's lens order, name, address.

My maybank account 114133109054 not use anymore... Pls bank in to this account...
Maybank 311140005970 Wong Kwan foong
or public bank 4564088201 ang shier li

to those already make the payment to us, pls inform us via email or sms on that day,thank you....

All orders must be submitted before 11.30pm each day for TOMORROW's posting. After that will be

considered as TOMORROW's payment and will be post out on the next day.. ^^ TQ

please summit ur orders to us like below:

Delivery method: Pos Express 
Sugar Candy 375/375 1 pair 
Name : Norhaslin'na bt Abu Bakar 
Contact number:013-2233340 
Address:147, Persiaran TKP, 
Taman Kantan Permai, 
43000 Kajang, Selangor. 

Amount: RM25.00 Status: Successful
Reference number: 1442261930 
Transaction date: 11 Nov 2010 
Transaction time: 10:07:20 

For more information pls email me.


luxury babe series  1 - 40
RM 18  per pair

Super barbie eye series

RM12 per pair

EXCEPT FOR cherry,holly,donna,bling,sassy and red lens rm18


Dueba Series 

Rm12-Natural 3Tones Series 14.5mm
RM12-Sugar Candy Series 14.5mm
RM12-Puffy 3tones Series 14.5mm

RM12-The Ariale Series 14.5mm
RM12-Lathae Series 14.5mm
RM12-Super Celeb Nudy Series 14.5mm

RM12-The Kira-Kira Series 16.0mm
RM12-The Pop.C Series 15.5mm

RM12-Crystal.i Series 14.5mm
RM12-Dreamy.i Series 14.5mm
RM12-The DollyBlack Series 14.5mm

RM12-Bodone The Black Series 14.5mm
RM12-Candarae Series 14.5mm
RM12-Georgiae Series 14.5mm
RM12-Lucidae Series 14.5mm
RM12-The BarbieDoll400 Series 14.5mm

RM17-The Fairy Lens 14.8mm

RM17-The HyperBlack No.2 Series 14.2mm

RM17-The Circle Black No.1 Series 14.2mm

RM17-Hyper Circle Brown Series 14.2mm
RM17-The Bling13 Series 14.8mm
RM17-The Crayon Series 14.8mm
RM17-The Rosy Rosa Series 14.8mm
RM17-The BT15 Series 14.8mm
RM17-The Blytheye Series 14.5mm
RM17-The DizonEye Series 14.5mm
RM17-The Ace Black Series 14.5mm

RM17-The Princess Nudy Series 14.7mm

RM23-Segoi-Pearl Prime Series 14.5mm
RM23-Dahomy-Pearl Prime Series 14.5mm
RM23-Furfur-Pearl Prime Series 14.5mm
Bubble Series 14.8mm
RM23-The DollyEye Series 14.2mm

RM23-Gothic 3tones Series 14.5mm

RM23-The Flower Pink Series 14.8mm

RM23- Bat (New)
RM23- Jewel (New)
RM23- S-9 (New)
RM23- Hana (New)
RM23- V1-25 (New)
RM23- Cookie (New)
RM23- Starry Eye (New)
RM23- Icy Melon (New)





  • DOLLY+
  • NOVA
  • ASH
  • HERA
  • ROSE

  • I.Fairy Cherry Gold 16.2MM 
  • I.Fairy Hanabi  16.2MM
  • I.Fairy Snow 16.2MM
  • I.Fairy Ruby   16.2MM
  • I.Fairy Jewel 16.2MM
  • I.Fairy Super Crystal  16.2MM
  • I.Fairy Sakura Pink  16.2MM
  • I.Fairy Super Nudy Pink 16.2MM




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